We have put together some tips below, especially for the newbie exhibitors. Hope you find them useful.

Bristol-ShowBE APPROACHABLE – Never sit behind your table. You need to be on your feet and giving people a reason to stop at your stand. People make judgements on you and your business instantly and if they see someone playing with their phone, etc., and they will think ‘Wow, will they do that at my wedding too?’

BE COMFORTABLE, YET PROFESSIONAL – Wear comfortable shoes, ladies I know heels may look great with your outfit but you will be on your feet all day. Believe me, I walked over 16km at the last big Show and having happy feet was important!

CREATE EYE-CATCHING DISPLAYS – You need to make yourself and your display stand out from the crowd. You want brides to remember you!  Try to come up with something eye-catching so people will have to stop and talk to you. If you are a florist, invest time in creating a large elaborate piece for your stand. If you are a dress designer, put your most attention-grabbing design out front for people to see, but also a rail of dresses, as brides love to rummage too. Be sure to use an image of this piece in your marketing materials so that people remember you for your work!

TAKE INFORMATION – Due to GDPR we are no longer passing details out so it is very important you take details from the brides and grooms. Also by doing this, the information will be more beneficial as you can also personalise your emails with exact details of their wedding. Afraid to ask for details? Then try offering a free raffle to win a prize??

BE STRATEGIC ABOUT GIVING MARKETING MATERIALS AWAY – You will want to ‘qualify’ each couple, in other words, make sure they are a good match for your business before you give away the more costly (to you) marketing materials. After all if they can’t be bothered to stop and give you a few minutes of their time they probably aren’t that interested to begin with. Don’t make the common mistake of simply shoving everything you have into each attendee’s hand.

SET GOALS – when you attend Wedding Shows/Fayres, don’t be disheartened if you don’t receive a booking on the day, if this happens, then that’s a bonus. Many couples need to think about the information, hence the importance of the above. You could receive a booking/appointment on the day, days/weeks/months after. Always ask where the future booking couples saw you, you can receive bookings up to 2 years away.

NETWORK – if you get chance before the Show starts, chat with other wedding suppliers exhibiting, you never know where it could lead.

SMILE – Easy to forget when you’re maybe a little nervous! It makes people find it easier to approach you.

ENJOY – Don’t forget to enjoy it, after all you’re passionate about what you do, so tell all the couples attending!!