Lee Hatherall Photography was due to be exhibiting at our last Bristol Wedding Show, but will be at our next show.  Here are some interview questions we asked him to give you an insight into his fabulous photography business.


What got you into photography, and when/how did you decide to focus 100% on your craft and build your business?

When I was 11, I took a photo of a helicopter quite high in the sky with my dad’s Kodak 110 film camera.  I still remember him saying that was a waste as you won’t see it and he was right, so from then I wanted to know why. This led onto work experience when I was 16 and studying photography at Sixth form. I’ve travelled all over the world with my career from Europe to Alaska, Hawaii and South America, but Weddings happened by accident!

I was asked to shoot a wedding and I explained that I had never shot one but they trusted me ! Since then the business has just gone from strength to strength. It does control your life, you have to be 110% on it.


How would you want others to describe your work?

My style? I don’t think I have a particular style, I like to adapt to each wedding and couple. I say that all weddings are the same but at the same time so different. The way I work with my couple is what I call ‘ directed photography’ so I will explain what I’m after, even show them, we find the light and location then I let them do their own thing.


What would be your dream wedding to photograph?

Dream wedding would be Santorini.  I’ve been asked before but I was booked already ;(

You travel quite a lot shooting weddings. What would you say was your favourite place/destination or experience? And why?

I do travel anywhere ! The wedding in Portugal was cool, it was on a Sunday and I landed that Sunday morning, Bride’s mum was ironing my shirt whilst I was eating breakfast, then started a very hot day, it was 39 degrees. We did the wedding, but as it was so hot we went out the next evening, when the light was perfect, then went out the 2nd morning at 7am to finish off.

Spain was fun, loved the colours out there, and I’ve shot a few out there now.  Disney, Florida was cool. a very fast paced wedding due to the time restrictions.


What’s your favourite part of your job?

I just love my job, I love every part apart from speeches lasting hours!  If you don’t love your job as a photographer it will show in your images. It’s very very controlling, 7 days a week.


What has been the most unusual request you’ve had?

Most unusual? a list of 78 group photos in different parts of the grounds with certain guests stood at an area of the group. I had to explain 10-12 groups is the norm and this lasts 10-15 mins. I can do 78 but it will take forever………. she changed her mind.


How far in advance should clients book you to avoid disappointment or recommend placing an order/booking?

It’s about 12 months to 2 years. I do get last minute enquiries as well, but a lot of the time I’m already booked.  I do turn down a lot of weddings 🙁   I say if you are following a supplier and you really want them at your wedding, just enquire straight away, don’t hang round. I also get couples book their wedding around my availability which is nice !

Email: info@leehatherallphotography.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/leehatherallphotography-237301680104/
Tel:  01934 527370 / 07834179901

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